Frackcident [Frak-si-dent]

noun, plural "Frackcidents"

1. An accident caused by negligent fracking operations, causing serious and often permanent injuries to Frackcident™ victims. Frackcidents™ are caused by the unsafe operation of trucks, vehicles, and/or machinery used for fracking operations.

2. A preventable occurrence for which the perpetrator must be held accountable to a victim. Accountability must be in the form of substantial compensation to the Frackcident™ victim for pain and suffering, loss of earnings, medical bills, and loss of life’s pleasures.

Frackcident Law

adjective, no plural. There is only one Frackcident Law Firm.

The only Frackcident Injury Law Firm in America is Ostroff Injury Law. We have helped victims of fracking accidents throughout the Marcellus Shale region. Fracking companies are making huge profits as they tear up our land, destroy our water tables, and injure our workers and neighbors. They must be held accountable.

Ostroff Injury Law is Pennsylvania’s Premier Fracking injury Law Firm. We represent seriously injured frackcident™ victims across our state.

Fracking is dangerous.There are few safeguards protecting employees working on fracking projects.

There is not enough protection for those who live or work near fracking sites. We have successfully represented those who have been severely injured in Frackcidents caused by the negligence of fracking companies, equipment manufacturers, or those involved in fracking projects.

If you have been injured as a result of any type of a Frackcident we can help you. Ostroff Injury Law has the record and experience to take on the rich fracking companies and make them pay.

Ostroff Injury Law, Pennsylvania’s Premier Frackcident Injury Law Firm. Call 1(855)FRACKLAW or report a case online now.