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Ostroff Injury Law has helped victims of fracking accidents throughout the Marcellus Shale region. We are the only Frackcident Injury Law Firm in America.

Fracking companies are making huge profits as they tear up our land, destroy our water tables, and injure our workers and neighbors. We have successfully brought fracking injury claims on behalf of those who were severely injured by the negligence of fracking companies, equipment manufacturers, and others involved in fracking projects.

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Fracking-related Illnesses

Cancer is one of the most devastating health problems tied to fracking. The Pennsylvania Department of Health will investigate the potential link between cancer and fracking proximity after dozens of young people in Pennsylvania have been diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma and other cancers near drilling sites. The investigation comes on the heels of an alarming report from four Pennsylvania counties.

Fracking may also be linked to other health problems, including:

  • Pregnancy and birth issues
  • Respiratory problems including asthma exacerbation
  • Migraine headaches
  • Severe fatigue
  • Sinus issues
  • Skin disorders

These health effects may come from fracking pollution and increased stress caused by the light, noise, and truck traffic associated with fracking.

Fracking-related Injuries

Even though fracking operations can be dangerous, not every business prioritizes safety. People can be killed or injured in fracking-related accidents including:

  • Crashes involving fracking trucks or other vehicles
  • Machinery accidents on fracking sites
  • Chemical or heat burns
  • Fuel spills

If an incident occurred and you are unsure whether negligence is to blame, call our firm right away. We’ll discuss the situation and how you can take action against those responsible.

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At Ostroff Injury Law, we focus on personal injury cases. Since the firm was founded in 1993, we have represented hundreds of clients and recovered millions of dollars in compensation for personal injury claims. Our Founder, Jon Ostroff, has been given an AV Preeminent rating in the peer-reviewed Martindale-Hubbell attorney rating system, which represents the highest level of professional excellence.

Ostroff Injury Law is based in Pennsylvania. We represent fracking accident victims throughout the Marcellus Shale Region — from the Allegheny State Forest in McKean County, to the Williamsport area, from Tioga County to small towns like Long Pond, PA. Ostroff Injury Law is a premier Pennsylvania fracking accident law firm.

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